NewEdge Wins Mobility Prize at the ITS / NTIA 2023 5G Challenge

AYER, Mass., Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- (BUSINESS WIRE) – NewEdge Signal Solutions, a global leader of Open RAN compliant 5G Radio Units, working together with Analog Devices (ADI), has been awarded the Mobility Winner Prize in the 2023 5G Challenge. The event was hosted by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA) Institute for Telecommunications Services in collaboration with the Department of Defense. The testing, conducted by Kyrio (a subsidiary of CableLabs), demonstrated interoperability and UE mobility.

The 2023 5G Challenge included 3 rounds of testing, each with an extensive list of protocols and metrics that needed to be met. NewEdge, leveraging ADI's Kerberos RU platform with O-RAN IP, was successful in delivering interoperability and performance across wrap-around emulation testing, end-to-end integration testing, and mobility testing, winning the RU Mobility Prize in the final round.

Solutions were tested for interoperability, open interface compliance between the Open RAN-specified subsystems, multi-vendor interoperability across Radio Units (RU), combined Centralized Units and Distributed Units (CU+DU), as well as end-to-end integration, IoT capabilities, and handovers between different vendors. NewEdge was successful in completing these tests in conjunction with interoperability partners including Mavenir, Radisys, and Lions, demonstrating a complete end-to-end system, from the edge to the core, including mobile handover.

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"NewEdge is at the forefront of the Open RAN movement being embraced by mobile operators around the world. The company was an early participant in the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and a founding member of the Open RAN Policy Coalition," said Tom Lambalot, CEO of NewEdge Signal Solutions. 

To help ensure seamless interoperability with a respective DU (Distributed Unit), New Edge is engaging with leading OpenRAN participants that are more focused on the software elements of the network architecture. As 5G continues to roll out, New Edge is benefiting from the investments made in core technologies required for best-in-class Radio Units. These broadband Radio Units, agile in both frequency and air interface, are ideally suited to the demands of an everchanging spectrum environment.

"America needs to lead the way to a diverse, resilient, and competitive global telecommunications supply chain," said Assistant Secretary of Commerce and NTIA Administrator Alan Davidson. "This year's 5G Challenge winners, through their groundbreaking interoperability and mobility demonstrations, have provided a glimpse of that future. I congratulate the winners and all participants for their work in advancing this field."

The 2023 5G Challenge focused on testing interfaces among the Open RAN-specified subsystems and end-to-end integration, as well as testing handovers between different vendors.

"We are very excited about NewEdge's success at the NTIA 2023 5G Challenge," said Joe Barry, Vice President, Cloud & Communications at Analog Devices. "This is the most extensive testing completed on this platform, and delivering a winning solution is a real testament to their capabilities."

NTIA's announcement of the Final winners can be accessed here: NTIA, Department of Defense Announce Final Winners of the 2023 5G Challenge | National Telecommunications and Information Administration

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