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Software Defined RF Front End Solution

Founded in 2018, NewEdge Signal Solutions is a leading provider of high efficiency, broadband radio frequency (RFFE) front-end modules and systems for the wireless infrastructure and defense markets. We have a unique vantage point to address the issues caused by the exponential growth of data, spectrum limitations, and the high cost of additional macrocells. Through the use of envelope tracking power amplifiers, adaptive filter technology, and advanced linearization techniques, we offer a number of agile RFFEs and tunable filters to serve the global wireless marketplace.

Our Mission

Our goal is to extend the promise of software defined radios through the amplifier and filters for defense and commercial wireless infrastructure.

Building Unique Opportunities Though Evolving Technology

Our company was originally born out of an RF filter capability aimed at the cellular and military communications markets. We leveraged this core capability and later combined it with the high-efficiency power amplifier envelope tracking technology and digital signal processing capabilities.

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Three Key Technological Strengths and Advantages

The use of Tunable Filters combined with Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers (ETPA), and the application of advanced Digital Signal Processing, gives us the ability to design truly innovative products that meet the needs of today's modern wireless telecommunications systems.

Tunable Filters

Tunable Filters

Tunable filters are RF components that are capable of tuning or reconfiguring a radio over a range of frequencies. As radio technologies advance and the radio spectrum becomes increasingly crowded, tunable filters help enhance radio performance by improving the signal to noise ratio and helping to suppress interference.

Envelope Tracking-enabled RF Power Amplifiers

Envelope Tracking-enabled RF Power Amplifiers

At its simplest, Envelope Tracking (ET) is a method by which the power supplied to the final power amplifier in an RF transmitter is precisely controlled to provide just the right amount of power at the right time to match the signal being transmitted. The result is a radio that always operates at its most efficient level.

Digital Signal Processing Software

Digital Signal Processing Software

These include Digital PreDistortion (DPD), which is required for radio transmitter amplifiers used in telecommunications systems to accurately reproduce the signal present at their input, and the Crest Factor Reduction (CFR) technique, which is used with modern high bandwidth transmission schemes to help the radio transmitter amplifier operate in an efficient manner.

Driving Innovation within the Defense and Commercial Wireless Infrastructure markets

Our innovative products are at the leading edge of wireless communications industry.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership team is comprised of multiple industry veterans with impressive careers in wireless systems, sub-systems, and semiconductors.