Our Technology

NewEdge™ We bring agility to radio access at breakthrough size, power and weight.

NewEdge Signal Solutions was born from the desire to bring three unique disciplines together to create innovations in radio frequency (RF) electronics for the commercial and defense markets.

Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier Design, Digital Linearization technologies and Tunable Filters come together enabling infrastructure equipment that can simultaneously work over multiple frequencies and modulation standards (2G to 5G) with low power consumption and small size.

The combination of experience developing technology for the commercial and defense markets gives NewEdge unique insights on a broad range of RF requirements.

Leading the Way to 5G New Radio (NR)

In the near future, attention will turn to 5G enabled networks with the need to develop higher data rates, better coverage, and greater spectral efficiency. To address these requirements, network infrastructure will need to handle multiple modes and frequencies to migrate legacy systems to 5G.

Our solutions enable wireless service providers to stitch together disparate frequency bands using carrier aggregation to achieve much greater capacity yielding much higher data throughput.

Key Advantages

Our innovative technology outperforms the competition.

  • Power Handling & Power consumption

    NewEdge tunable filter technology provides higher power handling capability in a smaller footprint than competition at a fraction of the power consumption compared to other tunable filters.

  • More RF Transmit Power for a given DC Power Budget

    Our RF Front End modules deliver 5 times the RF power for commercial small cells when compared to competitors equipment using the same DC power. In addition, our RF Front Ends can transmit across several frequency bands in the same hardware allowing easy field upgrades as operators gain new spectrum.

  • Multi-Mode Operation

    Whether you need to put 2G & 4G in the same RF Amplifier or want to combine IOT waveforms with 4G, a NewEdge RF Front End can support it. Our unique linearization algorithms combined with our expertise in envelope tracked power amplifiers give us the tools to efficiently manage these use cases.

  • Multi-Band

    Ideal for wide RF signal bandwidth requirement which help address carrier aggregation challenges, allows for fewer SKU management to cover a suit of required band and the convergence of multi-modes of operation over an octave of RF bandwidth.

  • Small Form Factors

    Tunable filters with better performance in a micro-miniature form factor.

    More efficient front-end allow for more economical and small form factor

Driving Innovation within the Defense and Commercial Wireless Infrastructure markets

Our innovative products are at the leading edge of wireless communications industry.

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